About Your Massage

Your therapist will ask you what areas you want to focus on and will check in with you about pressure for optimal relief.

During your session you will be covered with a sheet and blanket and only the area being worked on will be uncovered.

You are encouraged to close your eyes and take in cleansing breaths. Silence is a chance for you to really relax however talking is up to you.

Massage is given specific to your needs and goals focusing on balancing and healing the body.
Hot Stone Massage
Hot stones are massaged on the body to bring warmth and ultimate relaxation to the muscles and joints.
One-on-One Yoga
Guided through yoga poses that suite best to your body to give you the best practice possible.
Pregnancy Massage
For mother to be and her changing body bringing relief to sore and achy muscles and joints.
CranioSacral Therapy
A non-invasive therapy that can be given with your clothes on. Gentle pressure is used to help bring the body into alignment while helping the cerebrospinal fluid.
Sports Massage
Can be given with clothes on or off. Stretching, compression and traction help to open up and align tissue to improve function and movement.
Yoga and Massage Party
Invite your friends and family to your home and we will bring you yoga suitable for your group followed by massage for all who want it!
In Home Services
Any service (except for Hot Stone and Paraffin Dip) can be given in the comfort of your very own home.
Auto & Work Injury
Pip and L&I accepted with referral and open claim.
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  • Relieves stress and tension.

  • Helps relieve chronic pain and injury.

  • Improves awareness of mind and body.

  • Decreases pain and inflammation.

  • Benefits adults, children, and infants.

  • Increases circulation, function and movement.

HOt Towels-Aromatherapy-cupping included

Est. since 2000

LIC# MA00014199
Auto & Work Injury

Pip and L&I accepted with referral and open claim.